Pure Bar™ soap Made with Exceptional Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

There is a growing appreciation for self-care products crafted with fewer and higher quality ingredients. At Naera, we created Pure Bar soap with pureness and simplicity in mind, starting with the meticulous selection of exceptional ingredientscold pressed virgin fruit oil from two stone fruits, olives and coconuts, both known to nourish, cleanse, and moisturize. Our unique combination of virgin fruit oils and just two other food-grade ingredients, results in an unparalleled Pure Bar of soap that promotes a rich lather and sumptuous cleansing experience. Furthering our commitment to sensitivity and pureness, we opted to exclude both essential oils and fragrance oils. Last but certainly not least, Pure Bar was tested and is still ritually used countless times on our own sensitive skin. 

Embrace the purity and sophistication of pure ingredients, discover Naera Pure Bar soap.


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