The Sophisticated Aromas of Tonka Bar™

Naera Tonka Fragrance Oil Essential Oil Virgin Fruit Oil Soap

Rich, sultry, memorable and undeniably unique. Tonka Bar is an elevated body and face soap in Naera’s Virgin Fruit Oil Soap Collection that is a best seller among all genders.

Tonka Bar is artisanally crafted using only premium ingredients like natural virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. These natural fruit oils are key to creating a decadent, bubbly, cleansing and moisturizing lather that is superior to body wash and shower gels.

As you shower with Tonka Bar, the scent unfolds to reveal deep, sophisticated notes of bergamot, neroli and vetiver. All aromas in Naera soaps are cruelty-free blends of IFRA* approved essential oils and fragrance oils.

The high quality, meticulously curated ingredients combined with a well-balanced, exotic aroma makes Tonka Bar an excellent everyday soap for men and women alike. This little luxury can also be sent as a gift or reserved for date night rituals and special events.

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*International Fragrance Association

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